AES is a financial processing company that specializes in private student loans. The National Collegiate Trust is frequently the landlord they represent.

The Federal Family Loan Program (FFEL), which has since been terminated, is how AESsuccess operates and handles the PHEAA’s federal and private student loan portfolio.

FedLoan Servicing is a provider of federal student loan services, including direct loan programmes.


As an administrator, you can ensure the future by concentrating solely on your objectives with AESsuccess. The following are some of the basic areas in which AES supports students in managing their student loans.

Payments and Bills: AESsuccess takes payments for student loans via direct debit, online bank transfer, and checks. You must read the directions on how to make contributions to your AESsuccess account before making further payments. This informs AES which student loan has to be charged first from the extra funds.

Assistance for sick students: AES will help borrowers who are having trouble making their student loan payments. Modifying the end date is one choice, as are the different options for reducing or stopping payments.

AES student loans are student loan portfolios that this loan processing company acquires and manages. Individual student loans or federal student loans obtained by the FFEL scheme may be used to repay these debts.

The FFEL service, however, concluded in 2010, and no FFEL loans have been offered in over 9 years. Despite this, many creditors continue to repay these loans, many of which are handled and operated by AES. Some borrowers will get the AES service loans that they have negotiated with a private lender since AESsuccess also administers private student loans.